Gmailify Gives Gmail's Best Features to Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail Users

Last year Google has started letting Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail and other users of email services link their non-Gmail accounts to Gmail. This gave users access to their non-Gmail mails within the Gmail client for Web and mobile. Google on Wednesday announced an increase of this feature, with Gmailify. It brings two main accompaniments, with the biggest thing that users without a Google or Gmail account can now use the Gmail app in Android and Web customer. The second is that, the features previously limited to the Gmail account for the user will now be accessible even on non-Gmail account.

As you all know that last year Google provide a service in which Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail and users of other email will link their non-Gmail client for web and mobile. On Wednesday Google has announced a increase of this feature, with Gmailify. It comes with two major things; the biggest thing is that users without a Google or Gmail account can now use the Gmail app for Android and web customer. The second thing is that previously the features are limited for the Gmail account of the user will be easy to get on non-Gmail account.

Right now there is no value of limited Gmailify in Yahoo, Outlook and Hotmail accounts however shortly Google has make a strategy to become wider list in opportunity. The feature can be recognized on both inside the Gmail app for Android and on the Web.

To use Gmailify, users would be needed to log in via the Gmail app for Android or Those users whom don’t have Google account they can create a Gmail account using their non-Gmail address. Those users who already had a Google account, have to go to Settings > Link Accounts to associate the non-Gmail address. On its support page, Google elaborates on the unlinking procedure, "We'll then ask you if you'd like to keep all the emails that we imported into your Gmail mailbox from your other account... If you remove them from Gmail, they'll still be in the inbox of your other provider (for example, Outlook or Yahoo! Mail)... If you keep them in Gmail, they'll stay in your Gmail account. However, if you will move them or delete them in Gmail, then these actions won't be effect to your other account...

"After you unlink your accounts, then Gmail will stop showing you new messages from your another account".

Previously this month Google tightened the safety for its Gmail service by introducing a new aspect where the search massive will flag those email providers that don't support Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption. The TLS encryption is aimed at ensuring a linked is protected before exchanging data flanked by server ad client. Emails sent by using such mail armed forces will be flagged with a red broken down lock image (spam) on the top-right corner of the mail.

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